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i changed names...and got a new journal. so...i am adding on all my old friends onto my new account, well those people i am interested in. please add me back...and if you are reading this and want to be added...just comment here.

i will not be updating this journal ANYMORE. however, i am not deleting it so i can look back and read stuff from my past.

so...the new journal link is above.

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...i think i fell in love today walking in broadripple. for i saw the most, gorgeous, handsome, etc. etc. man...ever.

with the most inCREDIBLE smile. this smile...it won't leave my head.

* * *
...i have been on the biggest jason mraz kick ever.
i've known about him for a long time. just before he made his big splash. but my burned cd wouldn't play in my stereo in my car so i went ahead and bought the cd and i forgot how much i loved jason mraz.

it is SUPER hot, humid, muggy (place any other miserable word that describes the immense heat) today.
i wish it would cool off, my hair is a wild curly mess. haha..my mom said i looked like "curly sue w/ short hair." I had this flower pinned behind my ear all day, i got some many complements over it today.

it was just a plastic flower i pulled of this fake flower bouqet in my room. the plastic flowers in place of real ones in which i intend to buy when i get the money to go to mcnamara and buy some, lilies, daisies and orchids. :-P

* * *
well..since i have worked almost everyday this week and closing. i feel as though i should make a worthwhile entry, since lately, they have been short and random.

last night i stopped by my good friend colin's house because his parents were out of town (after work, of course which was around 1). it was awesome to see him again. he went to purdue also, but he is going to iupui this year. which sucks, because he's a great guy to chill with. i had a beer or two and we just sat and talked, we are def. hanging out this summer.

during work last night, we lite off some bottle rockets in the back of the store. our little fourth of july celebration...ghetto style. i went over to the fireworks shop while on the clock and bought 4 packs of bottle rockets. needless to say, i have a pack leftover chilling in my trunk.

work has been work. i think i may be getting a raise because i have had tons of complements by customers to my managers (why i don't know, i'm just a friend gal, i guess) about what great service they get from me, so she was hinting at a raise. thank god.

i'm really tired. just worn out. i've been working from 3 to close pretty much since monday, tuesday was my day off. i have been called in early wednesday, thursday, friday and today.

my check should be big. thank goodness because i have $3 in my checking account.

ummmm....i don't know what else to say. i'm worn out and cranky so i think i will leave this lackluster update right now. have a wonderful night.
* * *
..i am so incredibly tired..
another day of work ahead.
i get to close tonite again...
day 4.

i love/hate my life.

* * *
* * *
i'm having an awful day.
my mom just seems to keep coming after me.
yelling at me for reasons that are just

not just yelling though, but really insulting, my character as a person. she says that "these things have been building up." ohh..the insults..have been building, i haven't even been home.

i don't know..but..i spent about 45 minutes in the shower crying. i'm sick of it.

* * *
so, it has been another long day at the slab. i worked from 4:30 until 12:30 because we had to clean the whole fucking store...again. why we gotta do this, when i close? i don't know...but i do get to do the same thing over tomorrow night and on saturday.

the only thing that is keeping me going is the money, which isn't that much anyway.

i am currently eating a chicken quisadilla (sp?) at 1 in the morning, i am just begging for some indigestion, don't you think?

we had a group of 12 come in..and what pisses me off, is that they expect us to give them speedy service, but when we are making their cones, and specializing it to their liking, we can't go that fast. AND what really burns me, is that they didn't even tip.


i'm super tired, i think i'm going to bed.

* * *
so i'm pretty dead tired. i was on the phone with mike until 2 in the morning last night, only to be left awake after we hung up. so i read this HUGE book that i have checked out at the library full of alice adams short stories. i am kinda mad that i haven't been able to read as much as i like, but i suppose i can always renew it right?

i worked last night. the new haircut makes for some quirky hairstyles for work, considering i have to wear a hat. last night it was pig tails that just stuck out from the sides of my head. think kit from a league of their own, but a little funkier.

i got woken up today by kristina wanting to lay out. so we went to the pool for a bit, i think she may be going to purdue 2nd semester this year!!! that would be awesome, but i am not sure if she is really going to do that or not. :-P

i get to work again at 5, should prolly leave around 4:20 so i can grab some broccoli and cheese soup from panera bread (i could live on that stuff).

well, i think i'm going to brush my teeth, i hope everyone has a great night! toodles!
* * *
what is your favorite rollercoaster?

mine is the outerlimits at kings island.
it's indoors and it goes from 0 to 60 in like 3 seconds, or so they say.

* * *
waiting for my rocket to come...

i got my hair cut today. it's super cute. it's short and flippy and very layered. my hairdresser always does a great job. i always got my eyebrows waxed and afterwards went to the bank. for some reason the teller there hit on me..puffy red eyebrows and all. really, it looked like i got socked in the eyerbrows. but, whatever.

i am going to pick up another job methinks. my mom's hotel needs a new receptionist so i will be working from 3 to 11 on days that i don't work at the slab. i get paid $8 too.
speaking of work, this week really is a long one for me. i worked monday, tonite (wednesday), i picked up tomorrow (thursday), friday, and saturday. all closing shifts. so yeah, i get to work on the 4th of july.

i made plans with kristina for the fourth, but for some reason didn't put it together that i close that day. there is nothing for me to eat for dinner, all i have had to eat today was a slice of pizza. good way to lose weight, i suppose.

nothing else to say really, just an update of what is going on with me. hope everyone is well.
* * *
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